Theme: Popular British Sports and Games

Form: 7

Main aims: to improve listening and speaking skills, to enlarge vocabulary on the topic

Subsidiary aims: to revise grammar, to improve reading skills

Teaching aids, materials, equipment: computer, projector, screen (interactive teacher’s place), O.Karpiuk “English 7”, CD-player

Timing Procedure Subsidiary aims Aids Interaction pattern
5 m Warm up Getting ready for the lesson Computer, projector, presentation T-Ps
7 m Vocabulary Practice Enlarging and practicing vocabulary on the topic Computer, projector, presentation T-Ps
7 m Reading Improving reading skills Computer, projector, presentation, book Ps
3 m Break Having rest Notes
20 m Listening and speaking Practice Improving listening and spearing skills Computer, projector, presentation T-Ps P1-P2-P3-P4
3 m Summing up Making conclusions, grading, giving home task
I. Getting ready for the lesson
1. Greeting, setting aims

Slide 1

2. Warm up

Listen and guess the kind of sport.

Slide 2 (Listening 1 MP3)

Which of these sports are team sports?

Slide 3

Which sports are popular in our country?

Slide 4

II. Main part
1. Revising Grammar (Past Simple Passive)

Slides 5-11

2. Vocabulary Practice

Introducing new vocabulary

Slides 12-20

Making sentences with new words

Slide 21

Listening and filling the table

Slide 22

Matching columns and making sentences

Slide 23

3. Reading: Popular British sports and games

Slides 24-25

Post-reading Activity (test)

Slide 26

4. Break

The task is to identify the category a kind of sport belongs to. Cards with names of sports are hung around the classroom. Pupils stand up, take one card, go to the blackboard and stick the card to the appropriate category.

Slide 27

Sports in Britain (5/8 ESL video) 5. Watching a short film about British sports

Slide 28

Post-watching Activity (test)

Slides 29-30

6. Listening Practice

Listen and match the people to the sports/games/hobbies they are good at.

Slide 31

7. Speaking Practice.

Three topics to speak on.

Slide 32

8. Final Test

Slide 33

III. Summing up the lesson. Assessing and giving home task.
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