Тема уроку: Наука в нашому житті

Клас 9

Мета уроку

Практична: вчити виділяти в тексті основні думки, узагальнювати фaкти

Освітня: поглибити знання учнів про видатних вчених та дослідників, їх винаходи та відкриття

Розвивальна: розвивати вміння висловлювати власну точку зору та відстоювати її

Виховна: викликати бажання отримувати знання та застосовувати їх на практиці

Обладнання: підручник О.Карп’юк «Англійська мова 9 клас» (вид. «Астон», 2009), комп’ютер, мультимедійний проектор, презентація, картки

Хід уроку

І. Вступ до уроку

1. Організаційний момент, повідомлення теми та мети уроку

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Today we’re going on working on the topic Science and Technological Progress. The theme of today’s lesson is Science in Our Life. We’ll talk about science and technological progress, about discoveries and inventions and their influence on our lives.

1Slide 1

2. Мовленнєва розминка

To begin with, I want you to answer quite a simple question: What is Science?

(Pupils try to define the term).

Thanks a lot.

Look at the screen. You can see the definition given by a famous microbiologist Rita Colwell: “Science is discovery. Science is fun. Science is understanding what makes a clock tick and what makes a cat purr, what makes the Sun rise and what makes the Moon look so large on the horizon…”

Isn’t it wonderful?

/Files/images/2.JPGSlide 2

ІІ. Основна частина уроку

1. Аудіювання таoбговорення прослуханого тексту

And what do the other scientists think about what science is?

John Boswell, a musician, Ann Druyan, an author and producer, Carl Sagan, a famous astronomer, and Steven Soter, an astrophysicist, have started making a project which aims to tell the young generation about biological, chemical, physical and other phenomena using electronic music. I’ve found one of their first songs. It is about science. Let’s listen to it and Find out whether our point of view on science differs from that of famous scientists.

Symphony of Science - The Poetry of Reality (An Anthem for Science) Slide 3 (відео)

(Pupils watch the clip).

Which of these definitions do you find the most amazing? (the quotations can be seen on the screen)

(Pupils give their point of view).

/Files/images/4.JPGSlide 4

2. Робота зі словником

Have a look at the examples:

Alexander Bell invented telephone. Christopher Columbus discovered America.

The nouns derived from these verbs are invention and discovery.

to invent – an invention to discover – a discovery

To invent means to create something new. To discover means to find out, see or learn something none knew before.

/Files/images/5.JPGSlide 5

Can you remember some well-known inventions? (Pupils give examples.)

What about discoveries? (Pupils give examples.)

to engage (to participate, to involve) – to be engaged

He was engaged as a tutor. He can engage an audience.

to involve (cause to participate, to include yourself or someone else in doing something) – to be involved

/Files/images/6.JPGSlide 6

Don’t involve me in your silly plans.

to investigate (to carry out research or study into a subject or problem) – investigation

He is carrying out an important investigation.

a phenomenon (a fact or a situation that is observed to exist or happen) – phenomena

It’s quite an interesting phenomenon.

/Files/images/7.JPGSlide 7

Let’s practise new vocabulary. (Pupils fill in the gaps with new words.)

/Files/images/8.JPGSlide 8

3. Граматичний практикум

Today we’re going to revise some grammar often used in scientific articles and reports. It’s Passive Voice. Look at the screen. Your task is to fill in the gaps with either Past Simple Active or Past Simple Passive. (Pupils do exercise.)

/Files/images/9.JPGSlide 9

/Files/images/10.JPGSlide 10

/Files/images/11.JPGSlide 11

/Files/images/12.JPGSlide 12

4. Фізкультхвилинка

Are you tired? What about having rest? Find the notes with important inventions and discoveries and place them in the appropriate column.

/Files/images/13.JPGSlide 13

5. Перегляд відео про визначні відкриття та виконання творчого завдання

I’ve found a video about important inventors and their inventions. Let’s watch it and make our own list of the most famous and necessary inventions.

(Pupils watch the video then name the inventions they think to be the most useful giving some proofs.)

/Files/images/14.JPGSlide 14

Inventions that changed our world

/Files/images/15.JPGSlide 15

6. Читання та підготовка короткого переказу

Today we’re to learn how to make a summary of a text. What is summary? It’s a short statement that gives the main information about something without giving all the details. To give the summary you should follow these steps:

Your Know-How

How to make a summary

1. Read the text.

2. Find out its main idea.

3. Support the main idea with some important facts from the text.

NB! Don’t go into details.

Your task now is to read the text on page 83 and give a brief summary of it. (Pupils read the text, discuss the main idea, and support it with facts from the text. This activity may be done either in small groups or as a whole class.)

/Files/images/16.JPGSlide 16

ІІІ. Завершальна частина уроку

1. Домашнє завдання

Your home task for the next lesson is …(Workbook ex.1, 2, 3 p.25-26)

2. Підведення підсумків уроку, оцінювання

What new things have you found out? Were the learning activities useful for you? I hope you learnt some important and interesting facts about science, scientists and inventors.

You’ve worked …Your marks are …

Матеріал для використання під час фізкультхвилинки

Inventions Discoveries
Surrealism, Hieronymus Bosch, Flemish artist Penicillin, Alexander Fleming
Paper, Ts’ai Lun, a Chinese court official Atom, Ernest Rutherford, England
The photograph, Joseph Nicephore Niepce Bacteria, Anton van Leeuwenhoek
The saxophone, Adolphe Sax, an instrument make DNA, Friedrich Meischer
The science fiction novel, Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac Electron, Sir Joseph J. Thompson
The serial comic strip, Joseph Pulitzer, the publisher Neptune, Johann Galle
The petrol-powered automobile, Karl Benz Planetary motion, Johannes Kepler
The dishwasher, Josephine Cochrane Pulsars, Antony Hewish and Jocelyn Bell Burnel
The nuclear reactor, Enrico Fermi Relativity, (special and general theories of) Albert Einstein
The sewing machine, Elias Howe Spectrum, (heterogeneity of light) Sir Isaac Newton
The telescope, Hans Lippershey X-rays, Wilhelm K. Roentgen
The waterproof raincoat, Charles Macintosh Neutron, James Chadwick
Кiлькiсть переглядiв: 2088


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