Фрагмент уроку у 3 класі за темою "Clothes. Revision"

Dear ladies and gentlemen! The theme of today's lesson is Clothes. Revision. We're going to revise the words on the topic, practise talking about actions at the moment of speaking, talk about people and their clothes.
As usually we're to begin our lesson with some exercises for our tongues. It's sound [t] today. Have a look and listen: Two tiny tigers take two taxis to town.
SLIDE 2 (Practice)
Not long ago we got to know several jobs. Today we'll try to experience some interesting professions. Let's be fashion designers first.
There's a problem! Somebody has cut your sketches into pieces. So your task is to guess what it is. Look! What's this?
Well done!
We're TV presenters now. Our task is to comment on what the children are wearing now.
SLIDES 10-11
Good job!
Next profession is exciting but quite dangerous sometimes. We're detectives. Someone has robbed the bank. Some witnesses saw him and described him. You're working in the police department and looking for the criminal. Here's the description: "This is a man. He is not very tall. He's got short fair hair and big eyes. He is wearing blue trousers and a white shirt." So, who is he?
Yes, you're right. That's Homer Simpson.
SLIDES 12-13
Do you like telling stories? What about being a storyteller? To make your story interesting you need to describe the main hero of your story. Look at the screen and following the model tell about the character you see.
SLIDES 15-18
You're great today! Thanks a lot!




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