• Start the postcard with Dear or Hi and the name of a person you’re writing to.
  • Say where you are in the first sentence.
  • You can use informal language, including contractions.
  • Use a phrase to explain why you have to finish the postcard.
  • End the postcard with an informal phrase like Bye for now or See you soon. If you’re enjoying yourself, you can say Wish you were here.

Hi there Gary,

We’re in Prague on a school trip, but things aren’t going so well. I had my handbag stolen while we were waiting for a taxi yesterday, so we haven’t got any money. I spent all morning in the police station and tomorrow I have to go to the embassy to get another passport.

The hotel’s nice, but I don’t really like the food. Also I’m not sharing the room with my friend as we’d planed, because she broke her leg the day before we left.

Anyway, must go. It’s time to go down for dinner.

Bye for now,


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