Letters of complaint

  • If you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to, start with Dear Sir/Madam, and remember to finish with Yours faithfully.
  • Say why you are writing in the first paragraph and give some background to what happened. You can use phrases like To begin with… and When… to write about what happened and We were informed… and We were told that… to report what the people said.
  • Describe what happened and give the first main reason for complaining.
  • Give more details about what happened as a result of the company’s fault.
  • In the final paragraph tell the company about the overall effect of their actions and what you would like them to do.

18 North Road
UBB 112
1 April 2011

Unit 16
Marsh Business Park

Dear Sir or Madam,

We recently hired a car from your company for a week and I am writing to complain in the strongest terms about several things that went wrong with the car you supplied.

To begin with, in your brochure you claim that your cars are the latest models and that they are cleaned inside and out before the next customer takes them away. When we arrived at the garage we were told that all the other cars were out and the only one available was a ten-year-old vehicle and we were then informed that you had not had time to clean it.

However, because it was the first day of our holiday, we decided to take the car after your representative assured us that it was a very reliable vehicle. As we were driving to the coast we noticed a rumbling sound from the back of the car, which got worse as we drove on. Then a few miles later the exhaust dropped off and black smoke started pouring from the engine.

As a consequence, we had to spend the first few days of our holiday in a small village outside London waiting for the car to be repaired at our expense.

All of this spoilt what should have been a relaxing holiday and we would like a refund for the amount the car parts and service cost as well as a full refund of the cost of the hire.

Yours faithfully,

Maria Radley

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