Discursive essays

  • Write an interesting introduction outlining the general areas you’re going to cover in your essay.
  • Allocate one paragraph to each general area.
  • Include examples to illustrate your points.
  • Use linking expressions to connect points, where necessary.
  • The final paragraph should be a conclusion summing up your opinion in different words and including a final thought on the issue.

There is a saying that “travel broadens the mind” and it is certainly true that you can learn a lot from visiting other countries. In my opinion, travelling helps you to improve your language skills, increase your awareness of the world and become more independent.

Travelling allows you to practise your foreign language skills in real situations, rather than just a classroom. For example, you will almost certainly need to buy tickets, book accommodation and order food and drink. Moreover, you are likely to find yourself meeting people and making conversation in a foreign language. These encounters can sometimes lead to lasting friendships, too.

People who have never left their hometown inevitably have quite a narrow view of the world. In contrast, people who have travelled can base their opinions on a wider range of experiences. Furthermore, travelling can raise your awareness of important global issues. For instance, visiting the Amazonian rainforest will probably make you more passionate about protecting it from destruction.

Travelling puts you in situations which do not find in your normal everyday routine at home. Learning how to cope with these is good experience, and makes you a stronger and more independent person. For example, young people who backpack around Europe often have to learn how to live cheaply while they are travelling.

In conclusion, I would say that travelling is a very valuable experience. It provides a form of education which you cannot get from books or in the classroom.

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