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Jonathan Swift, a famous English writer, was one day travelling on horseback with a servant. The weather was bad; it was raining and the roads were muddy. In the evening the two men came to an inn. Before going to bed, Swift told his servant to clean his boots as they were dirty. But the servant was very lazy and did not do what his master had said.

The next morning when Swift saw the dirty boots, he asked the servant why he had not executed the order. ”The roads are muddy. What is the use of cleaning the boots now? They will soon be dirty again,” the servant answered.

Swift didn’t say anything and soon told the servant to get ready because they would start at once. But the servant looked very displeased and said that he had not eaten his breakfast yet.

Swift answered that they would go without any breakfast.

”What is the use of eating now? You will be hungry again”, he said.

I. Choose A, B, C or D.

1. Jonathan Swift was a(an) ______ English writer.

A. well-known C. busy

B. unpopular D. difficult

2. The weather was ____.

A. sunny C. not very good

B. frosty D. dangerous

3. The servant seemed to dislike ...

A. his master C. cleaning shoes

B. work D. bad weather

4. Swift’s servant was _____.

A. kind C. responsible

B. not hardworking D. polite

5. The next morning the boots were _____.

A. clean C. sold

B. dirty D. dry

6. The servant tried _______.

A. to make excuses C. to make Swift clean his boots himself

B. to clean the boots D. to run away

7. The roads were really ______.

A. clean C. muddy

B. dry D. good

8. Swift ______.

A. said nothing C. punished the servant

B. argued with the servant D. wanted the servant to go away

9. The servant was _____.

A. relaxed C. happy

B. tired D. unhappy

10. Swift didn’t let his servant ______.

A. go home C. eat his breakfast

B. take his boots D. go to bed

II. Answer the questions.

1. Is it a funny story?

2. Why do you think so?



Three men came to New York for a holiday. They came to a very large hotel and took a room there. Their room was on the forty-fifth floor.

In the evening the three men went to the theatre and came back to the hotel very late.

‘I am very sorry,’ said the hotel clerk, ‘but our lifts are not working. If you do not want to walk up to your room, you will have to sleep in the hall.’

‘No, no,’ said one of the three men, ‘no, thank you. We do not want to sleep in the hall. We shall walk up to our room.’

Then he turned to his two friends and said: ‘It is not easy to walk up to the forty-fifth floor, but I think I know how to make it easier. I shall tell you some jokes. Then you, Andy, will sing us some songs. Then you, Peter, will tell us some interesting stories. That will pass the time.’

So they began to walk up to their room. Tom told them many jokes. Andy sang some songs. At last they came to the thirty-fourth floor. They were very tired.

‘Well,’ said Tom, ‘now it is your turn, Peter. Tell us a long and interesting story with a sad ending.’

‘I shall tell you a story’, said Peter. ‘It is not long, but it is sad enough: we left the key to our room in the hall.’

I. Choose A, B, C or D.

1. ______ men came to New York.

A. 2 C. 4

B. 3 D. 5

2. Their room was on the __________ floor.

A. 54th C. 55th

B. 45th D. 15th

3. The three men enjoyed a _______ in the evening.

A. piece of artwork C. match

B. performance D. race

4. When they came back ____.

A. the hotel door was locked C. they found out they had left the key

B. the hotel door was broken D. they found out they had to walk for a long time

5. The man decided to____.

A. go back to the theatre C. sleep in their room

B. sleep in the hall D. give a hard time to the hotel clerk

6. On the way to their room one of them _______.

A. told stories C. cried

B. fell down D. fell asleep

7. Another man ____.

A. danced C. sang

B. laughed D. played a ball

8. It was a(n) ____ walk up.

A. hard C. easy

B. simple D. effortless

9. Peter was asked to tell them a story with a _____ end.

A. cheerless C. cheery

B. positive D. joyful

10. The main idea of Peter’s story was:

A. ‘I don’t want to go with you’ C. ‘The lifts are not working’

B. ‘My story is not very long’ D. ‘We won’t be able to open our room’

II. Answer the questions.

1. Is this story funny? 2. Why do you think so?

Read the story and mark the statements (1-14) as A (TRUE), B (FALSE) or the information is C (NOT STATED) in the text.

Shaw Wrote a Play

Once a poor flower-girl, quite by chance, overheard a conversation between two gentlemen. One of the gentlemen was a professor of phonetics. He was saying to the other that he could teach an uneducated person to speak good English. The girl was very much interested in what they were talking about. She tried to hear every word.

The fact was that she had for a long time been thinking of learning to speak correctly, and now she saw an excellent chance for herself. If she improved her manner of speaking the owners of the big flower shop would give her a job. She asked the two gentlemen to buy a few flowers from her and tried to speak to them but they didn't listen to her and soon went away.

The next day the girl came to the professor's house and asked him to give her lessons. The professor was very much surprised. At first he refused to teach her, saying that it was no use even trying, but then he agreed.

The results of the first lesson were poor. She couldn't produce proper English sounds and was tired of endless exercises. But soon the professor discovered that she was a clever girl. She took a great interest in her lessons and never missed a chance of practicing the sounds. As a result, her English became so good that the people who met her thought that she was a real lady.

The story of the girl can be found in one of Bernard Shaw's most popular plays.

1) A poor girl wanted to get money from the two gentlemen.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

2) The flower-girl learnt where the two gentlemen lived.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

3) The other gentleman took phonetics lessons.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

4) The professor of phonetics gave lessons.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

5) The flower-girl was going to get a good job.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

6) She wanted to find a rich husband.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

7) The professor could teach anyone to speak good English.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

8) The owner of the big flower shop refused to give her a job.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

9) The professor wanted to get money from the girl.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

10) She decided to get a job in the professor’s house.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

11) The girl wanted to improve her phonetics.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

12) She never missed an opportunity of practicing the sounds.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

13) Soon the girl got married and taught uneducated persons to speak good English.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

14) The professor was famous Bernard Shaw.

А (True) В (False) С (Not stated)

You are going to read the story. For questions 1-6, choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.

‘So?’ William asked over supper. ‘How was your first day? He looked around the table at the five of us, the first strands of spaghetti slooped into our mouths. ‘Honour?’

‘Fine.’ She kept her eyes on her plate and I saw Jake glance at the narrow line of her high shoulders up against each ear.

‘Jake?’ William bent forward, waiting to hear the worst, but Jake looked clear into his eyes and said it had been good. ‘We’re doing woodwork. And I’m making a bowl.’

‘That’s great.’‘Yes, a pudding bowl.’ He said, dipping his chin with mirth, and he glanced meaningfully at William’s dark brown round of hair.

‘At kindergarten,’ Pandora piped up, ‘we sang lots of songs.’ And she started lisping one into her father’s ear. ‘And they played it on a ladle, a ladle, a ladle and they played it on a ladle and his name was Aikin Drum.’

‘And how about you, Lolly?’ William asked, serious, as if there might be a reason why she should need particularly to be asked, and Lolly told us all about her teacher Miss Bibeen, and how she’d been on holiday in Japan. ‘She told us about it for the whole main lesson.’ And Lolly launched into a detailed account.

I waited, sucking up spaghetti, slowing each mouthful for my turn, but William got up to fill the water jug and without seeming to see me, he began to tell us about a school play he wanted to direct.

1. There were … people at the table.A sixB fiveC fourD three

2. William was asking the children about their first dayA in a new family.B at school and kindergarten.С in a summer camp.D at a new home.

3. That day Jake had a lesson inA Literature.B English.C Handicrafts.D Physical Education.

4. The youngest among the children wasA Lolly.B Pandora.C Jake.D Honour.

5. ‘Pipe up’ (in bold in the text) meansA enter a conversation.B smoke a pipe.C look into a room.D make a noise.

6. In her main lesson that day Lolly wasA doing woodwork.B singing songs.C doing sums.D listening to the teacher.

1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C B A D

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