1. Read the text. Put the events in order.

A. The cat was frightened and ran away.____

B. The plane flew to New York and came back to London. ____

C. Rachel Goodro and Banzay got on the plane to London. ____

D. The cat is at home now. ____

E. Rachel didn't get her cat in London airport._____

F. The air company let Rachel look for Banzay on the plane.____

Banzay's Incredible Journey

About five o'clock yesterday afternoon Rachel Daryl Goodro smiled for the first time in a week. Her cat, Banzay, was back at home with her at last.

Ten days ago, Rachel said goodbye to Banzay and put him in a special cage in the back of a Boeing 707 flight from New York to London Плед Rachel got on the plane. When the plane arrived in London, Rachel waited for Banzay. But there was no pussy cat. The air hostess told her, "I opened the cage door to get him. But he was very frightened and he ran away. I called him, but I'm sorry, I couldn't catch him. And now we can't find him anywhere."

The next day the plane returned to New York, but still there was no sign of the missing cat. Then the Boeing 707 flew back to London. Still no Banzay.

But the air hostess knew Banzay was on the plane. She could hear the cat's miaow, but she didn't know where the noise was coming from. Finally, the air company let Rachel Goodro get on the plane. The cat heard Rachel's voice and began to miaow again, but this time very loudly. He was in a space under the floor at the back of the plane It was a very small space. At last they rescued him and Rachel Goodro and her cat were happy again.

Banzay isn't a fat cat now. He lost a kilo in his ten days on the plane.

2. Choose the right answer.

1. Where was Rachel Goodro going when she lost the cat?

a. to London b. to New York с. doesn't say.

2. How long was Banzay lost for?

a. two hours b. one day с. more than a week

3. What happened when the airhostess opened the door?

a. the cat ran away b. the cat miaowed с. the airhostess didn't' see the cat

4. How did the airhostess know that Banzay was on the plane?

a. she heard some noise b. she heard the cat miaow c. she saw the cat under the floor.

5. Banzay wasn't the same when she was found.

a. true b. false с doesn't say.


1. Read the text. Put the events in order.

A. He acted in sound films.__________

B. He joined Frank Karno's company and went to the USA._______

С When he was 5, Charlie played on the stage._______

D. He moved to Switzerland. _______

E. He acted in silent films.______

F. Charlie formed a film company _______

A man from silent films

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in 1889 in south London. His father died when he was a child, and the family didn't have much money, Charlie first performed on the theatre stage at the age of five.

After he joined Frank Karno's company, he went to the USA in 1914 and in his first year there he acted in 35 of Hollywood's early films. These were 'silent films', before the invention of cinema sound-the actors couldn't speak, but acted out their feelings in their faces and movements. Charlie Chaplin became one of the most famous actors in the world, and everyone knew and loved the role he played: a man with a black hat, big shoes, a. little moustache and unusual walk. With other actors, Chaplin formed a film company, and he started to direct his own films. Later, after sound arrived, he began to talk on screen and he wrote the music for one of his last films, "Limelight". Twenty-five years before his death in 1977, he had political problems in the USA and moved away to live in Switzerland. Most people still like his films today.

2. Choose the right answer.

1. Chaplin was born more than 100 years ago.

1)True 2)False 3)Not stated

2. He lived in London before he moved to the USA.

1)True 2)False 3)Not stated

3. He was 35 when he got his first role.

1)True 2)False 3)Not stated

4. He never spoke in his films

1)True 2)False 3)Not stated

5. Chaplin had his film company and was a very rich man.

1)True 2)False 3)Not stated


We go shopping every day. The other day my mother took me on a usual shopping round. We went to the grocer’s and greengrocer’s as we had no sugar and onions.

At the greengrocer’s there were many people. But we had nothing to do but stand in the queue if we wanted to get to the counter and have some onions. The shop-girl weighed us half a kilo of onions, we thanked her and went out. Then we made our way to the grocer’s where we bought a kilo of sugar and some sausage. We were about to go home as my mother sud­denly remembered we had hardly any bread in the house. We dropped in at the baker’s and bought a loaf of brown bread, some rolls and buns. On our way home mother decided to call at a clothes shop. She was looking for a present to my fa­ther — as it was his birthday soon.

As soon as we entered the shop, we saw lots of silk skirts and shirts, woolen jumpers, jackets and leather boots and shoes. The smiling girl met us at the counter. My mother said she wanted to buy a size 50 shirt of a dark-blue colour. The found a dark- blue cotton shirt with short sleeves. The shirt was in fashion and we were sure the father would like it. We paid the money at the cash-desk. The cashier gave us a receipt and with it we came up to the shop-assistant. She passed us a wrapped parcel with the shirt, thanked us and added they were always glad to see us at their shop and we happy and a bit excited went out of the shop.

Put the sentences in order:

1. We bought some sausages.

2. We found a nice shirt for our dad.

3. We went to the greengrocer’s.

4. We wanted to buy some bread.

5. At last we went home.

6. We went shopping.

Answer the questions:

1. What shops did they go to?

2. What did they buy at the bakery?

3. What shirt did they buy?

4. What did they buy at the grocer’s?

5. What did they see at the clothes shop?

6. What did they buy at the greengrocer’s?

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