I. Open the brackets to complete the sentences.

1. That (happen) every day.

2. Look! Peter (work) in the study.

3. We (go) to the theatre the other day.

4. While Ann (draw) a picture, Fred (write) a letter.

5. I’m 12 now. I (be) thirteen next year.

6. We (get) on well with Ann.

7. They (leave) for London at the moment.

8. They (miss) their flight this morning.

9. I (travel) to Rome tomorrow. It’s my plan.

10. Ted (speak) over the phone when the door bell (ring).

11. I (read) a book now.

12. She just (fly) to New York.

13. I (hear) someone calling me now.

14. He never (be) to China.

15. You (write) a long poem yesterday.

II. Make up negative sentences.

1. I used to see the stars shining in the night.

2. Visitors saw lots of wonderful buildings.

3. Peter looks after his dog every day.

4. My mother and father usually have a nice trip in the summer.

5. My sister is going to be a doctor.

6. The girls are playing the piano now.

7. He has given me the books lately.

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