Sample 1

Ann has got a family. Her family is not very big. She has got a mother, a father and a little brother. Her father is a web designer. Her mother is a lawyer. Ann's brother doesn't go to school. He is little. Ann's grandma comes to their house to take care of him.

In the morning the family has breakfast. They usually eat sandwiches with a cup of coffee or tea. Ann's brother Bill eats toasts with jam. In the evening the family has supper. Usually it is at 7 o'clock. They have meat and vegetables or soup and fish. There is a cake or biscuits on the table.

I. +/-

1. Ann's family is big.

2. She has got a little sister.

3. Ann's dad is a web designer.

4. Ann's mum is a web designer.

5. Ann's brother is a schoolboy.

6. Ann's granny comes to their house every weekday.

7. Ann's family has breakfast in the morning.

8. They eat fish and chips for breakfast.

9. Ann's brother eats toasts with milk.

10. They have supper at 7 o'clock.

11. They have sandwiches for supper.

12. There is a cake or biscuits on the table.

II. Put the sentences in order.

1.In the evening the family have supper.

2.There’s a cake or biscuit on the table.

3.Bill eats a toast with jam.

4.They have meat and vegetables or soup and fish.

5.In the morning the family have breakfast.

6.They have sandwiches , coffee or tea.

III. Answer the questions

1.What is Ann’s mother?

2.What is Ann’s father?

3.Who takes care of Bill when mum and dad are at work?

4.What do they have for breakfast?

5.What does Bill like for breakfast?

6.What do they have for supper?

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