Sample 1

  1. My name is Teresa and I’m from Brazil. I’m 12. I’ve got two sisters. I love sport. My favourite sport star is Revaldo. I can play football but not very well. I have tennis classes twice a week. I’m interested in collecting badges. My favourite music is soul. I like dancing very much.
  2. My name is Paul. I’m thirteen. I’m from Sidney in Australia. My mother and father are engineers. My sister is a student, she is 18. My hobby is photography. I like taking photos of animals. I have got lots of photos of koala bears! I’m crazy about hard rock. I don’t like watching TV. I love sport. My friend and I play basketball every day. We go surfing too. I also like computers. I have got many interesting games.
  3. I’m Jane. I’m from the USA. I live in Los Angeles. It’s great! I like it. I study at school. I’m twelve. My hobby is playing the piano. I love music. My favourite music is rock’n’roll. I’m crazy about Elvis. He is the best! I play tennis. I have three classes every week. My family – dad and mum – often go to watch tennis competitions. In the evening I like to play computer games.
  4. My name is Mykola. I’m from Ukraine. I’m thirteen. I have a sister and a brother. They are schoolchildren too. I like collecting different things. I’ve got a big collection of stamps. They are fantastic. I like reading books about travelling. My favourite sports are diving and football. I like listening to rap.

Read the texts and fill in the table:

Name Age Country Hobby, favourite activities Favourite music Favourite sport

Sample 2

I. Choose the words to the sentences below.

1. Actors and actresses work here.__________
2. This person works at school. ___________
3. This season is the coldest. ____________
4. It’s a game you can play with your friends outside. ___________
5. It’s a great religious holiday. ____________
6. Doctors wear this every working day. ____________

theatre, coat, winter, school, teacher, football, Easter, chess, doctor, dress, summer, weekend

II. Read the text, give short answers and fill in the table.

It’s winter now. Ben and Lucy go to school. On weekdays they get up at seven o’clock. Their mum does the cooking. At eight o’clock Ben and Lucy go to school, mum and dad go to work. Ben has got four lessons, Lucy has got five. The children come back home at three o’clock. They do their homework. Lucy does the washing up, Ben sweeps the floor in the kitchen. The parents come home at five. The family have dinner at six o’clock. Dad goes shopping on the way home. Usually mum and dad have potatoes, meat or sausages and some vegetables. Lucy and Ben eat cheese sandwiches or toasts with jam. Mum and dad drink coffee but Lucy drinks milk and Ben likes green tea. In the evening Ben watches TV and Lucy draws pictures. Mum reads books and dad plays computer games.

1. When do Ben and Lucy get up?

2. Who does the cooking?

3. Who goes to work at 8 o’clock?

4. How many lessons has Lucy got?

5. When do the children come home?

6. Who watches TV in the evening?

Person Food Hobbies Chores

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