I. Find, put the number and colour. (У вкладенні матеріал супроводжується завданнями-картинками)

1. Number one is a tomato. Colour it red.
2. Number two is a ball. Colour it grey.
3. Number three is a cup. Colour it green.
4. Number four is a vase. Colour it yellow.
5. Number five is a flower. Colour it blue.
6. Number six is a leaf. Colour it brown.

II. Listen and draw lines.

1. Find a book. Put it under the table.
2. Find a radio. Put it on the bookshelf.
3. Find a telephone. Put it at the armchair.
4. Find a lamp. Put it on the table.
5. Find a clock. Put it on the wall between the two pictures.
6. Find a camera. Put it on the carpet.


The giraffe is the tallest animal. His head is about five meters above the ground. It has its good and bad sides. The giraffe can eat leaves from high trees because he has a long neck and a strong tongue. But it’s difficult for the giraffe to eat the grass. When the giraffe drinks water, lions and leopards often hide in the tall grass ready to catch him. It is very bad for the giraffe, because he can’t raise his head quickly and run away. The giraffe can live for months without water. He gets most of the water from what he eats. Also, because his head is so far from the ground, the giraffe can see danger and can quickly walk away or run away.

1) The giraffe is the strongest animal.

a) true b) false c) not stated

2) He has a long neck.

a) true b) false c) not stated

3) The giraffe eats only grass.

a) true b) false c) not stated

4) The giraffe can run fast.

a) true b) false c) not stated

5) He can’t raise his head fast.

a) true b) false c) not stated

6) The giraffe can’t live without water for a long time.

a) true b) false c) not stated

7) He can see danger because he has a long neck.

a) true b) false c) not stated

Listen to the texts and match the headings.

A Hobbies

B Funny animals

C Animals

D Good friends

E A favourite pet

1. A lot of animals live in the world. Some animals live on farms: cows, pigs, ducks and turkeys. Other animals live in houses. They are called pets: dogs, cats and parrots. Some animals live in Zoos and safari parks: lions, tigers, elephants.

2. The British like animals. They have dogs, cats and parrots in their houses. The British are sporty people. They like cycling and playing golf. Many British people like watching TV.

3. Fuzzy is a town dog. He sleeps in a large basket. Spot is a country dog. He sleeps in his doghouse in a nice garden. They often meet at dog shows and they lie to play together.

4. Tom is a funny little boy. He has got a funny white puppy. The puppy’s name is Toby. Tom takes his puppy for a walk every day. He plays with him in the evening.

5. Yesterday I was in the circus. I liked the show very much. There were funny bears, monkeys. The bears rode bicycles and the monkeys did tricks.

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