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Sample 1

Group the words into Sport, Toys, Animals, School.

Tennis, goat, pencil, ruler, golf, drum, cow, robot, goose, cricket, kite, schoolbag.

Finish the sentences:

My name is ...

My favourite day is ...

My favourite lesson is ...

Me favourite toy is ...

I like ...

I don't like...

Put the sentences in order to make a story about Bill's school day.

1. I go to bed at nine o'clock.

2. I wake up at seven.

3. After lunch I do my homework.

4. I wash my hands and face, clean my teeth, dress and have breakfast.

5. In the evening I watch TV or play computer games.

6. I go to school at eight.

7. I come home and have lunch.

8. I have got five lessons every day.

9. My parents come home at six and we have dinner.

Sample 2

I. Fill in the words

cook, teacher, doctor, farmer, driver, baker

1. A ____________ works at school.

2. A ____________ feeds animals.

3. A ____________ helps sick people.

4. A ____________ drives a bus.

5. A ____________ cooks food.

6. A ___________ makes bread.

II. Finish the sentences

My name is ________________. I am _________ years old. I go to ____________. My favourite lesson is ____________. My favourite season is ______________. I like to __________________.

III. Make sentences

1. hot, is, in, It, summer.

2. a, got, I, have, family, big.

3. My, in, works, mum, a, hospital.

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