Jim and Betty

Hello. I am a boy. My name is Jim. I live in Westbourne. I am nine. I like reading and playing football. I have got many toys. My favourite toys are a ball and a kite. They are next to the desk. I like watching cartoons. After school I like playing computer games.
This is my sister, Betty. She is seven. Betty likes computer games and listening to music, too. She likes playing with her dolls. She has got two dolls. She calls them Millie and Lilly. She has got two toy rabbits. The dolls and the rabbits are on her bed.

1) What is the boy’s name? a) Dan; b) Jim; c) Ben;

2) How old is Jim? a) nine; b) ten; c) eleven;

3) Where does he live? a) London; b) Oxford;
c) Westbourne;

4) What does he like? a) reading and playing football;
b) riding a bike and swimming;
c) drawing and playing tennis;

5) What are his favourite toys? a) a computer and a toy car;
b) a ball and a kite;
c) a robot and a plane;

6) Where are Jim's toys? a) on the shelf; b) next to the desk;
c) in the cupboard;

7) What is his sister’s name? a) Vicky; b) Betty; c) Kate;

8) How old is Betty? a) eight; b) nine; c) seven;

9) What does Betty like? a) computer games and listening to music;
b) reading and drawing;
c) helping at home and singing;

10) How many dolls does she have? a) three; b) two; c) four;

11) What else does she have got? a) balls; b) robots; c) rabbits;

12) Where are Betty’s toys? a) in the cupboard; b) on her bed;
c) in the toy box.

At the Shopping Centre.

It’s Saturday afternoon. Tim and Tina are shopping with their mother. They go to a big shopping centre. The shopping centre is a big building outside the town. It has got many different types of shops. It has also got restaurants, snack bars and a big cinema.
Tim and Tina’s mother goes to the supermarket. She buys chicken, rice and some vegetables. Then she takes the children to a sports shop. She buys a pair of trainers for Tim in the sports shop. Then they go to a book shop. Mother buys a story book for Tina here. After that they are very hungry and they all go to a fast food restaurant. Finally, mother and the children go to the cinema. They see a funny film called “My Uncle Joe”.
1) What day is it? a) Sunday;
b) Saturday;
c) Monday;
2) What are Tim and Tina doing? a) Playing with their mother;
b) Reading with their mother;
c) Shopping with their mother;
3) Where do they go? a) To a big shopping center;
b) To a market;
c) To a shop;
4) Where is the shopping centre? a) In the centre of the town;
b) Inside the town;
c) Outside the town;
5) Where do they go at first? a) To the supermarket;
b) To the butcher’s;
c) To the baker’s;
6) Where do they go then? a) To the toy shop;
b) To the sports shop;
c) To the sweet shop;
7) What do they buy in the sports shop? a) A pair of trainers;
b) A T-shirt;
c) A tracksuit;
8) What does mother buy in the book shop? a) A magazine;
b) A book;
c) A copy-book;
9) Where do they eat? a) In the café;
b) In the snack bar;
c) In the fast food restaurant;
10) Where do they go finally? a) To the cinema;
b) To the playground;
c) To the sports-ground;
11) What do they see? a) A cartoon;
b) A film;
c) A TV-programme;
12) What’s the film called? a) “My Uncle John”;
b) “My Uncle Joe”;
c) “My Uncle George”.
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