Sample 1

Mr.Green is a businessman. He is tall. His hair is short. His eyes are brown. Mr. Green usually wears his black suit and black shoes. He goes to work every day. He gets up at 7 o'clock, has his breakfast and drives to work in his car.

Mr. Green has got a secretary. Her name's Miss Pink. She's young. She usually wears her white blouse and a brown skirt. She has her brown shoes on her feet.

True/False Task

  1. Mr. Green is a businessman.
  2. Mr. Green is tall.
  3. Mr. Green has got long hair.
  4. He usually wears his suit.
  5. His suit is green.
  6. He gets up at 6 o'clock.
  7. Mr. Green has got a car.
  8. Miss Pink is a secretary.
  9. Miss Pink is old.
  10. Miss Pink wears a white blouse.
  11. Miss Pink wears a red skirt.
  12. Miss Pink's shoes are black.

Sample 2

This is a bedroom. It is big. There's a bed on the left. The bed is brown. There's a lamp next to the bed. It is yellow. There is a desk on the right. The desk is brown. There's a chair at the desk. It is brown too. There is a computer on the desk. There is a green carpet on the floor. There's a bookshelf above the desk. It is brown. There are pictures on the walls.

True/False Task

  1. This is a living room.
  2. The bed is on the left.
  3. The bed is green.
  4. The lamp is yellow.
  5. The desk is on the left.
  6. The desk is red.
  7. There's a TV on the desk.
  8. The carpet is on the floor.
  9. The carpet is orange.
  10. There's a bookshelf above the desk.
  11. The bookshelf is blue.
  12. There are flowers on the walls.

Sample 3

Draw a yellow shelf. Draw a green pencil on the shelf.

Draw a brown table. Draw a red ball under the table.

Draw a blue vase. Draw three red flowers in the vase.

Sample 4

I have got a friend. Her name is Ann. She is from England. She has got a family. She has got a mother, a father and a little brother. Ann is nine years old. She goes to school. She does sports on Mondays and Wednesdays. Her favourite school subject is Maths.

Her little brother's name is Jack. He is four. He likes to play games. His favourite game is football.

Ann has got a pet. It is a small dog. Its name is Jim. It is black.

True/False Task

1. My friend's name is Ann.

2. She is from Ukraine.

3. She has got a family.

4. She has got a mother, a father and a brother.

5. Ann's brother is little.

6. He is nine years old.

7. Ann goes to school.

8. She likes English.

9. Her brother's mane is Bill.

10. He likes football.

11. Ann has got a cat.

12. Her cat is black.

Multiple Choice Task

1. My friend's name is

a)Ann b)Sue c)Mary

2. She is from

a)Ukraine b)England c)America

3. Ann is

a)9 b)10 c)8

4. Ann does sports on

a)Saturdays and Sundays b)Mondays and Tuesdays c)Mondays and Wednesdays

5. Ann likes

a)English b)PE c)Maths

6. Her brother's name is

a)Jack b)Bill c)Pete

7. Her brother is

a)7 b)10 c)4

8. Her brother likes

a)swimming b)basketball c)football

9. Ann has got a

a)dog b)cat c)fish

10. Her pet's name is

a)Bill b)Pete c)Jim

11. Her pet is

a)white b)brown c)black

12. Ann is my

a)sister b)friend c)cousin

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