Sample 1

Read the text and do the tasks.

This is Ann. She is little. She is five. Ann has got a cat. It is big.
This is Kate. She is little, too. She is six. She has got a rabbit. It’s nice.
This is Jack. He isn’t little. He is big. He is nine. He has got a dog. It is funny.

1. Underline the words from the text.


2. Fill in the missing letters.


3. True/False

1. Ann has got a cat.
2. The cat is little.
3. Kate is six.
4. The rabbit is nice.
5. Jack is little.
6. The dog is funny.

Sample 2

Read the text and do the tasks.

Bill and Betty

Hello. My name is Bill. I live in London. I am nine. I like to read and play football. I have got nice toys. My favourite toys are a plane and a kite. They are under my bed. I like to play computer games. After school I like to rollerblade and play hide-and-seek.

This is my sister, Betty. She is seven. Betty likes to play computer games and listen to music, too. She likes to play with her dolls. She has got two dolls. Their names are Milly and Lilly. She also has got two teddy bears. They are on her bed.


1) What is the boy’s name?

a) Dan;

b) Jim;

c) Bill;

2) How old is Bill?

a) Nine;

b) Ten;

c) Eleven;

3) Where does he live?

a) London;

b) Oxford;

c) Eastbourne;

4) What does he like?

a) Reading and playing football;

b) Riding a bike and swimming;

c) Drawing and playing tennis;

5) What are his favourite toys?

a) A computer and a lorry;

b) A plane and a kite;

c) A robot and a plane;

6) Where are his toys?

a) On the shelf;

b) Under the bed;

c) In the cupboard;

7) What is his sister’s name?

a) Vicky;

b) Bettty;

c) Kate;

8) How old is Betty?

a) Eight;

b) Nine;

c) Seven;

9) What does Betty like?

a) Computer games and music;

b) Reading and drawing;

c) Helping at home and singing;

10) How many dolls has she got?

a) Three;

b) Two;

c) Four;

11) What else has she got?

a) Balls;

b) Puzzles;

c) Teddy bears;

12) Where are her toys?

a) On the desk;

b) On her bed;

c) In the toy box.

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